Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whiny Wilma And Her Sidekick Smiley

This picture truly does speak a thousand words.  In so many ways, these two remind me of me and my younger brother David.  I'm going to have to dig up a picture of us to compare.  Keep in mind, David is one of 7 brothers.  I also am blessed with 6 sisters.  We are all a mish-mash of halves, but David is my only "full".  None of that really makes a difference. Except for David, him being the closest in age meant he bore the brunt of all of my loving abuse...the type of abuse that can only come from a first born.

My little girl has the most beautiful, long locks of red curls.  And little smiley just can't resist pulling them. Today, when she thought I wasn't watching, she got even. Poor smiley didn't know what hit him.

My mom always told me she hoped I would have a daughter just like me one day. Ok, Mom. Wish granted.

Siblings are the people we practice on,
the people who teach us about fairness 
and cooperation and kindness and caring,
quite often the hard way.
-Pamela Dugdale