Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To My Son With Love

Dear Son,

Last year June 19th was father's day and your brothers, sisters and I were surprising daddy with a late lunch at Maggiano's.  Even though it was almost 3 weeks from your due date, you decided you could not wait any longer.  Daddy and I got to the hospital around 5:30 and you arrived at 10.

Our life was full of difficult turns and whirlwinds, but you, along with your siblings, remained my source of peace and happiness.  I am fascinated at your adoration and love for me.  I am proud of your walking and talking.  And I am excited, watching your loving, silly, dare-devil personality develop.

Today marks your first birthday.  I understand the sense of relief mothers have when marking their son's 18th birthday.  You have already caused mommy too many grey hairs.  I vow to keep you safe, teach you how to be a gentlemen, encourage your dreams, and fill your life with laughter, hugs and kisses.  And when you become a husband and father someday, I promise to always be your biggest cheerleader.

Happy first birthday and Many, many more! With all that I am...



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